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The Honeymoon

26 Sep

At first we thought YES, our honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to take that EPIC road trip up the coast of California! The thing we’ve always dreamed of doing! Fly into Palm Springs, rent a fabulous convertible, and drive, drive, drive all the way to Vancouver, stopping at a million gorgeous spots along the way. Three solid weeks of exploring the western U.S. sounded so adventurous and romantic and…well…hard! As the wedding planning ramped up we realized that a sit-down honeymoon is more what we need. Mexico. A beach. Cocktails. Someone to wait on us hand and foot. No plans, no itinerary. Just get there then and have nothing to do but bask in the glory of our newly-weddedness. Cabo San Lucas is the place, and Capella Pedregal will be the setting for our much-anticipated getaway.

If you’re inspired to help us out with this dream trip, you can find the link for the Honeymoon Fund on our registry at MyRegistry.com! Our package includes a welcome bottle of tequila, and we’ll be toasting you all!