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The final countdown

30 Oct

HOOOOO BOY it’s almost here! Saturday is the day! We hope this blog has answered any question you might have, but just in case, here’s a recap, if you’re still wondering:

Where to stay?

What to do in Austin and Marble Falls?

What’s on the menu?

Where is this place?

Who are these people?


What to wear

Where to eat in Austin and Marble Falls

Where we’re registered

The picture here is from our engagement day almost a year and a half ago (aka the best day EVER), and that there is the Mayor of Austin, Mr. Lee Leffingwell, right after he presented me with a proclamation that June 24th, 2011 is Maggie Wilhite Day in Austin, TX. Swoon – we were so young! So in love! Hey, we still are. Time has flown by, and we’ve created a truly special event to mark this momentous occasion. Can’t wait to see all of your lovely, shining faces on Saturday.


Where to stay

21 Jul

Wes and Kristina, our amazing coordinators at Modern Moments, have been feverishly working on a list of accommodations for our guests. The wedding is at Three Points Ranch in Round Mountain, which is about 10 miles south of Marble Falls, and Marble Falls is about 50 miles northwest of Austin.  Perhaps you’re coming in on Friday and want to hit the town one night in Austin, and then spend the night of the wedding in Marble Falls. Maybe you’d rather make it a full-out hill country weekend and spend the whole time in Marble Falls enjoying the lake and scenery. Maybe you can’t get enough of Austin and want to spend every last possible minute here. Any way you want it! We’re just so glad you’ll be celebrating with us!

We just realized that Fun Fun Fun Fest is happening in Austin the same weekend as the wedding, which might affect hotel availability. It’s not a huge festival like ACL, so it might not make much difference, but if you’re planning to stay in Austin, get it booked ASAP. Just let us know if you need guidance on that. And for the record, our wedding will account for at least TEN funs, probably more, even without Run DMC.
Here are the hotels where we have blocks of rooms reserved. You’ll need to book by October 1. Ask for a room in the Wilhite-Jones block when you call.
There are many, MANY other options for lodging in Austin, Marble Falls, and the surrounding areas. If you’d rather go a different route, please let us know. You can email us or leave a comment here and we’ll get right back to you!