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Instagram our wedding! #magpaw2012

23 Oct

Instagram is a great tool for sharing photos with your friends and family! If  you’re a smartphone user and not familiar with how it works, Maggie explains the basics:

1. Download the Instagram app from the app store on your smartphone (it’s free).

2. Launch the app and sign up for the service. You can choose to import your contacts (0ther friends using Instagram) from Facebook, Twitter, or your email account. Click “follow” to include them in your Instagram feed.

3. You can connect your Instagram to your Facebook account if you want, but you don’t have to. Instagram functions as a separate network. Each time you post a picture to Instagram, you can choose whether or not to also post it to Facebook.

4. From within the Feed tab on the bottom left of your screen (it looks like a house), you can scroll through all the photos of the people you are following.

5. To take a photo, push the middle button that looks like a camera. This will bring up your device’s camera, OR you can choose an existing photo from your camera roll by pushing the icon at the bottom left that looks like two squares on top of each other.

6. Move and scale your photo and then choose a filter from the list at the bottom (my favorite part), and hit the green check mark.

7. Add a caption and don’t forget the #magpaw2012 hashtag for our wedding photos!

8. Choose the networks with which you’d like to share in the bottom half of the screen (or not!), and hit the green Share button in the top right corner.

9. Aaaaaaand you’re done! Let the likes and comments roll in!

Don’t forget: #magpaw2012 is the hashtag for our wedding! Can’t wait to see your shots!


4.5 months to go…it’s all happening!

18 Jun

The details are coming together! A much-needed trip to West Texas allowed us to relax and get ready for the busy summer ahead. Since then, food tasting, honeymoon plans, and a beautiful Conroe bridal shower really got us back into the wedding-planning spirit. AND…The Dress is here and it is so, SO AWESOME. Sigh. And cheers! I’ll be posting information about accommodations and registry soon, but for now I wanted to share the incredible engagement photos Julie Wilhite was kind enough to take for us.  She won’t be behind the camera on the big day (since she’ll be enjoying the festivities with us), so we had to take advantage of her extraordinary talent. We had a blast and she captured us beautifully!