Marble Falls eats

17 Oct

In addition to the lake and beautiful scenery, Marble Falls has food, too! We haven’t had a chance to sample too many of these, but here are some options if you’re making it a hill country weekend.

Double Horn Brewing Company is a great choice! Delicious burgers and award-winning beer brewed onsite.

The historic Bluebonnet Cafe

River City Grille on the lake – great views!

A little Texas Italian at Russo’s or Francesco’s 

Thai food at Ginger & Spice

Get fancy at the Antlers Hotel

Mexican food at Julie’s Cocina

If you’re up for a little hill country drive, Trattoria Lisina is fantastic. Enjoy a glass of wine in the beautiful gardens while you wait for a table!

If at any point you’re making the drive from Marble Falls to Austin or vice versa and are looking to grab a bite, try Jack Allen’s Kitchen. It’s just west of Austin, near where 290 and 71 split off (we call this “the Y”). Might we recommend the Green Chile Cheeseburger? Mmmmm.

You can find more restaurant suggestions at


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