Share your pics?

15 Nov

Did you take pictures at the wedding? Would you mind sharing them with us? We’ve created a special Flickr account just for this purpose. We’re looking for any and all photos, whether they’re from your phone or your fancy camera, or from Instagram. That’ll tide us over until we get the professional photos back in a few weeks!

If you are so inclined, please email, and I’ll reply with instructions. We’d love to add yours to our collection!



13 Nov

What a dream that was! Thank you, dear friends and family, for making it all come true. We are still living on that rainbow, and we’re gonna ride it all the way to Mexico!

It’s tomorrow!

2 Nov

It’s finally here! There’s been some confusion as to the start time, so I’ll tell you right here and now: the ceremony starts at 4:30pm. The venue is a little under an hour from Austin so make sure you factor that in! We are so, so excited to see you all!

The final countdown

30 Oct

HOOOOO BOY it’s almost here! Saturday is the day! We hope this blog has answered any question you might have, but just in case, here’s a recap, if you’re still wondering:

Where to stay?

What to do in Austin and Marble Falls?

What’s on the menu?

Where is this place?

Who are these people?


What to wear

Where to eat in Austin and Marble Falls

Where we’re registered

The picture here is from our engagement day almost a year and a half ago (aka the best day EVER), and that there is the Mayor of Austin, Mr. Lee Leffingwell, right after he presented me with a proclamation that June 24th, 2011 is Maggie Wilhite Day in Austin, TX. Swoon – we were so young! So in love! Hey, we still are. Time has flown by, and we’ve created a truly special event to mark this momentous occasion. Can’t wait to see all of your lovely, shining faces on Saturday.

Girl from the North Country

30 Oct

This is Maggie’s favorite Bob Dylan song, so I recorded my own version for her birthday one year.


29 Oct

Good morning! This is the last Monday I’ll spend as a single man. I did not write this song as a collection of wedding vows, but it works nicely in that context.

Southpaw shares the love with music

28 Oct

That Southpaw Jones, y’all. He’s a gem! To celebrate our wedding, he’s sharing his entire catalog of songs on his website. Like, all of ’em! *SWOON* If you’re not familiar with his genius, now’s your chance – check it out, download it, and hey, listen to it on the way to the wedding! He’ll be returning to the stage in 2013, so be sure to sign up for the mailing list while you’re there.

<—— We’re licensed! 6 DAYS to go!